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Features and Benefits

The main benefits of AcademicConf, in comparison with other conference managment systems are:
  • We offer data migration from past conferences. Possible participants (users) and their organizations saved safely in AcademicConf database can save conference organizers a lot of time.
  • AcademicConf can manage multiple conferences centrally so that the conference organizers will have an overview on all sub-conferences.
The main features are:
  • AcademicConf is specialized for academic events. Check documentation and demo application if your conference fits into workflows supported by AcademicConf. Demo application is up on business days from 7:00 to 17:00 UTC. Please let me know at info@mirmas.si if you want to test application at some other hours.
  • Migration of possible participants (users) and their organizations can save conference organizers a lot of time. User account is automatically verified if exact data match is found between user input and data in database. No administrator action is needed.
  • Graphical adaptations to the conference visual image. You can choose any of standard Oracle Apex themes with no extra cost. Your conference logo will be displayed in upper right corner of application. Logo is also link to your conference web page.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Secure access via https.
  • Automatic regular backups.
  • Administrative reports in MS Office formats.
  • Data export to facilitate the creation of book of abstracts, program book and proceedings.
  • The technical support is provided by the same developers that build AcademicConf, so you will always get straight answers to your questions. You will receive your answer in less than 48 hours via email.
  • Easy scheduling
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