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Sample Database Applications

Sample Database Applications (SDA) are parts of install package. SDA is one of the Oracle APEX packaged apps. SDAs available here are extended with Excel and Word downloads achived with Interactive Prints product. You can test SDAs on apex.oracle.com and on Oracle Cloud ATP. Please logon with Username: demo Password: test1234

Excel Chart APEX version 5.1
Sample Database Application
APEX version 4.2
Sample Database Application APEX version 18.2

XSLT Project Manager

XSLT Project Manager (XPM) is APEX application for developing and testing XSL transformations. All XPM actions can be done with PL/SQL procedures.
Concept of XSLT development with XPM is somehow similar to concept in this article. XPM is not part of the product, but you can try it here.


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