Q: Product generates temporary XML in cannonical form but I need  XML with attributes. Is it possible to create such XML in Region2XSLTReport?

A: Yes. In Region2XSLTReport you can apply two XSLTs. Use first XSLT to convert elements to parent element attributes and then second XSLT to do actual transformation. Here are examples of first XSLT.

Q: Is it possible to create a report like a regular invoice with header and invoice details table?

A: Yes. In Oracle APEX application you need to create Invoice page with HTML region named INVOICE with header data and report region named DETAILS with invoice detailes. On download page you have to create plugin process with »Region names and report queries« attribute like:

Invoice; Select * from invoice where invoiceid = V('PX_INVOICEID');1;DETAILS

You don't need to build report query for invoice details. Plugin will do it for you from DETAILS region source query. See User Guide chapter 6.7 and SDA Guide chapter: Mixed plug-in “Region name and report queries” attribute syntax.

If you don’t want to create new application page invoice can be done with use of Query2Report.Query2DownloadReport in PL/SQL process. Use of Query2DownloadReport procedures is described in detail in chapter 5 of User Guide. The similar solution is demonstrated in Sample Database Application in Button “Export to Word” on page 7 (Customer Details) which redirects to page 26 (Customer Data Report) with PL/SQL process.

Q: Is it possible to create bar codes?
A: Yes, it's possible
to generate bar codes inside XSLT or PL/SQL (User Guide chapter 2.6 Procedure ConvertBlob).
You can find some libraries and examples how to generate barcodes with XSLT. For example check
Here is APEX and PL/SQL example: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=31517:101
If you need just UPC barcode also SVG can be used.

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