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APEX developers can use Interactive Prints to create custom reports from APEX standard, IG or IR reports. XSLT uploaded into APEX static files transforms data from APEX report into custom report (PDF, Excel, Word). Users can download reports, e-mail them as attachment, save them to server disk...

Check our Excel Chart, Sample App (SDA 5.1), Sample App (SDA 4.2) and Video Gallery to see what Interactive Prints is all about!
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XSLT Project Manager and supporting PL/SQL package contains procedures for faster XSLT development for MS Office outputs. Product already contains XSL Transformations for Word and Excel output. However, you can build XSLT from scratch for other formats.

Try plugin

You should try this plugin if any of the following conditions are met:
  • You need PDF, Excel and MS Word reports.
  • You don’t have budget for expensive enterprise reporting solutions.
  • You want filtering, sorting, formatting, data typing and grouping from APEX report are applied in PDF, Excel or Word report.
  • You don't want just report download. Maybe you want to send it as mail attachment or save it for later use.
  • You need one output report from multiple APEX regions.
  • You don’t want to send your confidential data to print server in the cloud.
  • You need a low number of complex reports which cannot be built from custom templates.
  • You have basic knowledge of XSLT development
  • XSL transformations shipped with installation satisfied your needs.
  • You know how to build XSLT with visual tools like Altova XSLT Tools, FO Designer and Oxygen XSLT editor.

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