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Interactive Prints

Main Features

  • Cost reduction - Plugin works also with Oracle XE without any additional java server.
  • True Word (DOCX) and Excel (XLSX) formats without FO processing. There is no need for converting from simpler document formats (e.g. XML, RTF)
  • Excel output contain data types from APEX report. NUMBER from APEX report is transferred to NUMBER in Excel, APEX DATE is transferred to Excel DATE, rest of data types are transferred to Excel STRING.
  • Sorting, formatting, highlighting, aggregations, computations, control break, grouping, data types and formatting masks are transferred from APEX report to output document. WYSIWYG concept is applied.
  • Product contains some generic and parametrizable XSLTs (Excel, Word Table, Word List, PDF). These XSLTs work with any APEX Standard or Interactive report or Interactive Grid.
  • You need to add new XSLT for add new output reports. No PL/SQL coding is needed. Other formats than PDF, Excel and Word are possible.
  • Smaller input XMLs are not sent to print server. They are XSL transformed on database server to reduce network traffic.
  • You don't need to write report queries (but you can if you want). They are automatically derived from APEX dictionaries.
  • Customizable PL/SQL code. You can tailor plugin behavior to your needs.


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