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License and Price

Free version of Interactive Prints product is distributed within a single package which is fully functional. Features of full version are:
  • Ofice Print Server (OPS). OPS is Java application. You can install it on any Java app server (Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, WebLogic, ...). You will need OPS if you want to use XSLT files of versions 2 and 3 or if you want to create large reports (e.g. more than 100K Excel cells). If you want to purchase OPS, contact us at info@mirmas.si.
  • Full support. This includes help via email (We will answer in 3 business days), product updates and bug fixes. Price: 50 EUR per six months.

Other services

We can offer you following services related with Interactive Prints:
  • Development of XSLT.
  • Integration with custom Java print or FOP (PDF output) server.
  • Hosting of OPS or FOP server.
Price of this services can vary and will be agreed with a customer. Also, third party software (Java, FOP server) and services (hosting) could be part of final solution and price.

How can I place an order?

To purchase a full version feature(s) of Interactive Prints product, please contact info@mirmas.si. Payment can be done by PayPal or by wired bank transfer.


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