More about Interactive Prints

Standard technology
- XSLT is de facto standard for transforming XML documents into something else. You can find tools for visually develop XSLT for PDF, Office and other formats.

Multiple output formats - Result set from APEX region query or custom query is first converted to temporary XML. Next you can produce any output that can be achieved with one or two XSLTs and custom PL/SQL code.

You can use two sequential XSLTs to get desired output.

Interactive Prints could be very useful if you are using APEX as reporting tool from Oracle database or when you migrated MS Access to APEX and you want to preserve reporting in MS Office formats.

Interactive Prints
is a reporting solution to deliver your reports and documents. It's specialized but not limited to use with Oracle APEX and to produce MS Office and PDF reports.

Ease of Use and Simplified Deployment -  Product is delivered as PL/SQL packages, APEX plugin Region2XSLTReport and Java Web service (full version).

Customer-Driven Development - At MirMas IC, we will promptly, at our expense, provide a correction or workaround on submission of valid bug report. We will do our best to consider your update requests.


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