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We offer free download of Region2XSLTReport software package. If you have questions or need assistance or help with the download or installation process then please contact us at
Free version has following limitations compared to full version:
  • Output is truncated to first 100 rows.
  • Print server is not included. All XSL transformation are done inside PL/SQL.
You can check full version behavior with Sample Database Application.

Software package contain the required files, English documentation in DOCX and PDF format and Sample Database Application (SDA) with Region2XSLTReport in action.

Download and unzip one of the installation files to custom folder. All documentation is included. Minimum system requirements are Oracle 10gR2 database and APEX 4.1.

zipinstall (.rar 9.6MB)                    
zipinstall (.zip 9.9MB)


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